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“You like me, you really like me!”

With a few months until the official campaign kickoff in March, the Hawley social media strategy became increasingly more focused on building voter relationships using Facebook.  Knowing that once the campaign kicked off, our content would shift to “calls to action”, we wanted our audience to feel invested in Josh and his family and hope that feeling would run over into the campaign. So, we flooded Facebook with images and videos of his two boys over the holidays, him and his wife watching football and even some #tbt’s.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. The audience grew to know the importance of Josh’s family values and felt a genuine connection through the authentic content. Here are some other benefits measured during this period:

  • 30% increase in Facebook Audience Growth
  • Over 2 million Impressions with more than 17,000 users reached daily on average
  • 56,000 in total Engagements
  • Increase in women followers, women reached and women engagement