Meet The Team

Wes Anderson

Founding Partner

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

Wes Anderson is a leading GOP pollster with over 25 years of experience in opinion research. As a founding partner, Wes now leads the polling divisions of OnMessage Inc., providing political and corporate clients with a full spectrum of quantitative (surveys) and qualitative (focus groups) opinion research products. In 2018, an otherwise difficult year for Republican candidates, Wes polled for two successful senatorial campaigns, Rick Scott in Florida and Josh Hawley in Missouri. Additionally, Wes polled for the RGA in their successful efforts to elect Ron DeSantis Governor of Florida. Other notable statewide clients include Ron Johnson, Tom Cotton, Bobby Jindal and Rick Scott (gubernatorial). In addition, Wes has polled for numerous House candidates, state legislative candidates, and national political committees. Wes has also polled for a number of corporate clients including the Orlando Magic and the Detroit Red Wings.

Wes and his wife Kim have two daughters and live in Davidsonville, MD.

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