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Meredith Allen

Political Director

Meredith began her political career in 2016 on the NRCC IE where she coordinated media teams for 28 races and processed over 73 million in IE spending. Following the success of the 2016 cycle, she joined the NRCC’s Political Department as Political Coordinator and later Women’s Engagement Director. Among her many responsibilities, Meredith worked with Chiefs of Staff and Members of Congress on the Recruitment Committee to provide mentorship to incoming candidates, managed the Young Guns and Patriot programs to ensure fundraising success in the most competitive districts, and analyzed and tracked performance with female voters in over 200 internal polls. In 2019, Meredith moved to Richmond, Virginia and managed one of the top pick-up opportunities for the Virginia House Republican Caucus. Despite record-breaking turnout, the campaign outperformed 2017 and 2018 Republican candidates.
Since joining OnMessage, Meredith has served on the firm’s America First, Congressional Leadership Fund, and NRCC teams, in addition to supporting campaign clients. She continually utilizes her campaign, committee, and Super PAC experience to ensure winning results for our clients. 
In addition to her work with OnMessage, Meredith also serves as the Executive Director of the Virginia Dogwood Institute, a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) that is committed to creating and promoting evidence-based, innovative, public policy.
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