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Guy Harrison


Guy Harrison

Hometown: Dallas, TX

As a former right tackle, Guy Harrison knows what it takes to play offense successfully and has a winning record to prove it.

He joined the OnMessage team as a Partner in 2013 after serving two consecutive election cycles as the Executive Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee. He steered the NRCC through the 2010 election cycle; when House Republicans took back the majority by gaining a net 63 seats in the largest turnover in the US House of Representatives since 1948. During the 2012 cycle, his offensive strategy was crucial in protecting a strong Republican majority in the House, the second-largest since World War II.

Harrison served as the lead outside consultant to the NRCC Independent Expenditure for the historic 2014 election cycle; which netted Republicans 13 more seats and their largest majority in the House since 1928. He reprised that role for the NRCC IE in 2016, maintaining a strong House majority. In 2018, Guy was the lead consultant to the NRSC Independent IE; increasing their majority and defeating Democrat incumbents in Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota.

Prior to leading the NRCC, Guy served as longtime Chief of Staff to former NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (TX-32). Upon graduating from Dartmouth College in 1994, he began working on Sessions’ first campaign. He went on to guide the Chairman through multiple competitive races, including a resounding victory over former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Martin Frost in 2004.

A Texas native, Guy lives in Alexandria, Virginia and has three daughters: Giddings, Laney and Bennett.

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