Opinion Research

In today’s fragmented media age, advertisers must entertain or lose.

The only thing voters hate more than politics is political advertising, and we strive to make our ads watchable to even the most jaded voter. It’s a steep climb up a rugged path, and we’ve got a team with the talent and the determination to blaze any trail.


Insight – that’s the goal of every opinion research project we conduct. True insight isn’t about what or how, it’s about why. Utilizing innovative and methodologically rigorous quantitative and qualitative methods, we go far deeper than simple topline analysis to find that which is truly motivational for voters. Through the use of multiple statistical utilities, we turn raw data into insightful analysis, all aimed at one target – victory.


While live caller interviews are still the reliable backbone of modern opinion research, we also employ a range of web-based methodologies that allow us to craft each project to best meet our customer’s needs. These methodologies also include a high percentage of cell phone interviews to ensure we reach our target audience.


While online ad testing doesn’t allow us to probe as deep as traditional focus groups, they are a quicker and cheaper alternative. We believe online ad testing is quickly becoming an important research tool for all competitive campaigns.


To truly master the most challenging issues, and how to navigate them, you need the fingertip feel that only focus groups can provide.


Dial testing is the best way to uncover and correct problems with an ad. Are you sure the voters understand your ads? Do they “get” the finer copy points? Only one way to know for sure.

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