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OMI Insights: Social Media Analytics Explained

Social Media Analytics Explained:

Confused on the difference between reach and impressions? Why they matter? Are they good? You’re not the only one. Social Media analytics change as often as the platforms themselves. Here’s a handy guide to help you weed through the top ones you should be monitoring RN. 
  • Engagement

    • What? This is essentially the amount of likes, comments and shares a post received compared to the amount of followers. For example; if you have 100 followers and your post receives 10 likes then that post has a 10% engagement rate.
    • Why? Facebook and Instagram both cater their algorithms to show posts with higher engagement rates more often in their followers news feeds.
    • How? Producing relevant and value adding content will pay off when getting followers to engage. Pay attention to which type of posts (text, links, videos, etc) do well here and consider that to be your followers telling you they want more!


  • Publishing Frequency

    • What? How often are you posting? Once a week? Five times? Is it consistent?
    • Why? This number is important in how it relates to your engagement rates. There is typically a sweet spot for each platform depending on your audience.
    • How? Try posting 4 times a week for 6 weeks, then try 4 times a week for the next 6 weeks and take note of how your engagement rates fluctuate. It can take a few months to find your happy medium but in the end your posting strategy will be ?.


  • Reach

    • What? This is how many people are actually seeing your content.
    • Why? You can treat this number almost like a conversion rate by calculating how many people saw the post to how many of those same people liked, commented or shared it. 
    • How? Utilize features like Facebook Live and Facebook Groups. Facebook has invested heavily in these features and typically reward those accounts participating by increasing their visibility.