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OnMessage Insights: A Guide to Comment Management

So you’ve curated a compelling image and engaging caption, you scheduled it to publish during the optimal high traffic time and then let’r rip. Think you’re done? Nah, this is where the real fun starts. Comment Management is one of the single most important strategies to increasing your engagement and maintaining your online reputation. These simple steps in our Guide to Comment Management will help you get started:

OnMessage Insights: A Guide to Comment Management

  • Page Settings

    • Set that Profanity Filter to “strong”. This will catch any comment using a set of curse words and automatically hide them.
    • Go one step further and enter customized set of banned words under the Page Moderation setting. Need a basic list to get you started here? Email for our English and Spanish lists.
    • Make sure your Comment Ranking setting is set to show the most relevant comments first. This will send comment you interact with to the top and visible in the post preview.

  • Engagement

    • As a rule of thumb, any positive comment left by a follower should receive a comment response over a reaction/like. Facebook’s algorithm rewards this type of response and classifies it as “meaningful content”, increasing the likelihood that your content will appear more frequently in the News Feed of not only the commenter but also their family and friends.
    • Comment responses don’t have to be complicated. A simple “Thank you” will work, make sure to use the person’s name, and if all else fails just comment back an emoji. ? 
    • For Facebook Live comments there is no need to comment back if someone isn’t asking something specific, a simple “like” has the same effect. 
Happy Commenting!!!