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OMI Insights: Repurposing Content

Repurposing Social Media Content

Ever post what you think is a really appealing piece of  content only to have your engagement and impression numbers fall flat? Here are a couple of reasons the numbers might lagging and how to fix them: by repurposing social media content.
  • The medium might be off.

    • On Facebook specifically, the algorithm hits people with the medium they most likely to engage with – meaning if I engage more with video then I will tend to see more video content in my feed. Think of your audience divided up into demographics of text-only, image, video and link users. If you originally posted a link to a news article and the post didn’t preform well, consider repurposing it as a text-only post or add an image and lose the link.
  • The platform might be off.

    • Is the topic of the content relevant to the platform you are using to publish it? As a rule of thumb, your Twitter audience is going to be mostly media, journalists and field experts and your Facebook and Instagram audience will consistent of mainly voters, constituents or fans. What adds value to one audience might not always add value to the other. Posting in-depth policy statements on Facebook won’t resonate with those followers but it will on Twitter.
  • The timing might be off.

    • Use your social media data to optimize your publishing times. Also, don’t just assume you’ve memorized those trends since they change often. When kids are in or out of school, we tend to see a big difference in the times some audiences are active on certain platforms. Try reposting your content again at a different time of day.
  • Pro Tip:

    • For content that did highly perform, make it a priority to flag it and repeat and repurpose every 3 months. Switch up the image or caption to keep it fresh.