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Fielded July 19th through the 21st, our latest national survey of 1,000 likely voters included two questions related to President Obama’s recent nuclear arms agreement with Iran. Below are several highlights worth noting.

Key Findings:

–By a nine point margin, voters are more likely to oppose than support the President’s deal.

–There are gender differences on this issue but none that favor the Administration. Women are generally split with almost equal parts favoring and opposing the deal while men oppose it by a substantial 18 point margin.

–While there is a good deal of partisan polarization on this issue, Independent voters oppose it by an 11 point margin. Even more troubling for the President is the fact that 23% of Democrats also oppose the deal.

Based on everything that you have seen, read and heard, do you favor or oppose the nuclear arms deal that President Obama has reached with Iran?  (IF FAVOR/OPPOSE, ASK: And would you say you strongly favor/oppose or just somewhat favor/oppose?)

36%      TOTAL FAVOR
14%     Strongly Favor
22%     Somewhat Favor

37%     Strongly Oppose
9%       Somewhat Oppose

19%     Don’t Know/Refused (VOLUNTEERED)

–On the question of which country is more responsible for turmoil and violence in the middle-east the voters are overwhelming clear as two-thirds (66%) of voters place the blame on Iran.

–While it’s become fashionable among liberal elites on college campuses to blame Israel for much of the violence in the middle-east, that is simply not the case anywhere else. In fact, just 13% of self-identified liberals say they blame Israel.

–Likewise, only 13% of Democrats blame Israel.

Which country do you think is most responsible for turmoil and violence in the middle-east, (ROTATE) Israel or Iran?

9%             Israel
66%           Iran
9%             Both (VOLUNTEERED)
6%             Neither (VOLUNTEERED)
10%           Don’t Know/Refused (VOLUNTEERED)


Our greatest and longest ally in the region has repeatedly warned against this deal, and the voters overwhelmingly blame Iran, not Israel for the troubles in the middle-east. These findings make it clear that President Obama has decided to act in opposition to the majority of voters and the wishes of one of our greatest allies.

Methodology: This survey was conducted by OnMessage Inc. Telephone interviews were conducted on July 19-21, 2015. This survey consists of 1,000 likely voters and was stratified by state to reflect historic presidential voter trends. The margin of error for this survey is +/- 3%.