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“Kneeling NFL players should choose a different form of protest”

Kneeling NFL players should choose a different form of protest

By Brad Todd

For nearly three weeks last fall, the National Football League waged war against President Trump over player protests during the national anthem.

After 19 days, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell began a slow-moving public relations train wreck of capitulation, culminating in a new rule announced Wednesday that will allow the league to fine teams for actions taken by players deemed disrespectful during playing of the anthem. Under the policy, it is up to individual teams to decide whether they want to discipline players for protesting during playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The fact that President Trump’s invective against the NFL marked the turning point in the league’s anthem policy is no accident – he was the first leader in America to recognize the potency of the populist-conservative coalition that wrecked both political parties and is now blowing up the blind spots of coastal business decision makers…

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