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Josh Hawley’s social media presence in the Fall of 2017 was light at best, with a Twitter handle and Facebook page fairly sparse with content since his run for Attorney General. Content on the platforms up until this point was heavily reliant on graphics, branded posts and employed a third-party voice. The first challenge here was to wake up a dormant audience and build a foundation of a relationship that would provide a connection to Hawley as a person first – and boy, did we deliver!

This post was during the first of several visits Trump made to Missouri to campaign for Hawley. Three elements about this post that knocked it out of the park:

  1. Behind-the-scenes content will ALWAYS do well. The audience wants an inside look that they can’t get from watching the news or other sources.
  2. First person perspective is a must when fostering a relationship with the audience. This goes for the perspective of the photo as well as the voice of the caption.
  3. Relatability should be a priority. No one wants to tune into for a bunch of humble brags. And this post could have easily been just that but the caption here is brilliant! It conveys that Hawley isn’t jaded to such a view and just like any of us would do if given the opportunity, he took a picture. Also, the mention of his kids’ car seats is the perfect self-deprecating humor that makes your followers ?.


The results from this one post spiked engagement in a once sleepy audience. The engagement rating was a high of 25.8% and organic impressions soared to over 20,000.