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Bobby Jindal & Wes Anderson: Hispanic support for Republicans growing as Democrats move leftward

Hispanics are following generations of immigrants before them, assimilating into American culture and voting based on their beliefs, not ethnicity.


Democratic strategists were euphoric after President Barack Obama’s historic victory in 2008. They had helped elect an African American president and believed they were witnessing a fundamental change in their coalition.

The Democrats had replaced the culturally conservative working-class White voters who helped elect President Bill Clinton with minorities, millennials and socially liberal White voters. These rapidly growing demographic groups supposedly gave Democrats a permanent majority.

After Obama’s reelection in 2012, the Republican National Committee commissioned an “autopsy” to supposedly explain how the party could appeal to an increasingly diverse nation. The Establishment responded by advocating joining Democrats in espousing identity politics.

Elites in both parties saw the election of President Trump as a temporary setback fueled by the last gasps of a shrinking opposition. The election this month proved them wrong. Republicans proved they can build an aspirational, multi-ethnic, culturally conservative, working-class coalition.

Republicans must compete by communicating how conservative values benefit all Americans and protect the freedoms that attract immigrants here in the first place…

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