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Congressman Michael Waltz: Boycott 2022 Olympic Games in China

If the International Olympic Committee doesn’t relocate the 2022 Winter Games from Beijing, the United States should boycott, one congressman says.

U.S. Rep. Michael Waltz introduced a resolution this week calling for a boycott because of China’s handling of information related to the origin and early spread of the coronavirus and its genocide and internment of some 1.5 million Uighurs in the northwest province of Xinjiang. He was also critical of the Chinese crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Waltz, a Republican from St. Augustine Beach, represents Florida’s Congressional District 6, which covers Volusia, Flagler and parts of St. Johns and Lake counties.

“The (Chinese Communist Party) at this point is involved in the indisputable cover-up of the pandemic, arresting journalists, expelling Western journalists trying to cover it, arresting doctors trying to sound the alarm, not allowing the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) access to any of the sites, not allowing the World Health Organization access … ” Waltz said in an interview Wednesday with The News-Journal, The Record’s sister paper. “Think about the devastation the Chinese Communist Party has wreaked on us, really has wreaked throughout the world.”

A boycott would take away the Olympics as “a reward,” Waltz said, calling Chinese atrocities against the Uighurs — a Muslim ethnic minority — a “genocide,” and suggesting the United States would never have participated in an Olympics held in Rwanda or Bosnia following genocides there in the 1990s.

A coalition of 180 human rights groups first started calling for the Olympics boycott last year. On Wednesday, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joined Waltz in supporting a boycott.