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And we’re LIVE

Early in 2018, Facebook announced changes to the algorithm that prioritizes content in users’ News Feeds in order to encourage “meaningful interactions” from friends, family and groups. Our social media team hit back hard in anticipation with three main strategies:

1: Comment Management

Pages that don’t encourage conversation and/or comments were expected to experience the biggest decrease in organic reach so by focusing on asking our followers questions or for their opinions, we were able to spark conversation.

The new algorithm also favored comment replies, so making sure to reply to users with encouraging emoji’s and positive feedback became built into our everyday strategy.

2: Live Video

Live video gets six times as many interactions as regular videos on average so putting additional time and effort into creating more Facebook Lives was a necessity.

The Hawley campaign saw a big lift in making this a priority while on the campaign trail.  They averaged at least 3 live videos each week and saw a large spike in both viewership and interactions.

3: Groups

Creating Groups alongside candidate Pages became a way to ensure group members were seeing content that otherwise might have been missed in their News Feed.

The Facebook Group Hawley Supporters became a place where supporters could engage amongst themselves, create events and even find ways to volunteer.